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Investment Property in Dubai

Making the choice to buy property in Dubai is a great decision whether you intend to live in Dubai enjoying its unique luxury lifestyle or want to be a part of this rapidly rising investment property market. Investing in Dubai property can be a great way to increase your net worth. Dubai property prices are growing by up to 25% per year. Combine this with great rental yields which are amongst the highest worldwide.

Like London, Dubai is a major financial hub and centre of trade. Unlike the U.K., Dubai has one of the most attractive tax structures in the world. With no income, capital gains, corporation (with the exception of petroleum/ banking sectors) and sales tax Dubai is filled with some of the greatest individual and corporate creators of wealth. This means Dubai offers superb value for money with plenty of room for further gains.

If you missed the boom in central London property prices as the hedge funds opened Mayfair offices and the meteoric rise in value in prime property in Ireland after the Irish government made its corporation tax rate the lowest in Europe, it?s time to look at property investment in the financial and commercial powerhouse that is Dubai.

Demand is outstripping supply and with growth in both internal and highly skilled expatriate population numbers increasing by an amazing 200,000 each year - this trend is set to continue for years to come.

We work with investors who are looking for choice investment opportunities, literally the Best in Dubai. With off plan investment property there is the opportunity to get a great return by flipping the property before its completed. Use our Dubai Property contact for any questions you have about property in Dubai.

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